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systemThe failure of essential heat exchanger equipment can bring industry to a standstill, just like the radiator failure on a car. The technology and the problems are basically the same. That means they get clogged, corrode and leak. And just like that car radiator, it is taken for granted until something goes wrong.

The heat-exchanger products to the UK HVAC and refrigeration markets can have quite a long life span, often reliably working for 20-25 years. There are many heat exchanger designs and solutions available depending on the application, but one of the best known and best understood, is the finned coil type. This design has been used to cool many types of fluid or vapour such as steam, by passing air through a multi-fin arrangement. Other solutions of heat exchanger can use a fluid jacket, instead of air.

Once initial problem of a coil exchanger has been assessed, solutions that would be available to you would be possibly pressure testing or cleaning services, through to repairs for re-tubing, or re-blocking and re-manufacture of the coil itself.

New coils can be produced to existing drawings or a pattern-supplied unit. Any configuration of finned heat exchangers can be made to all fin patterns that are currently available in the market place. Even older or bespoke designs can be refurbished or replace using standard sizes and fixings.

Steam and High Pressure, Hot Water (HPHW) coils are usually manufactured in either steel or copper they often come in a range of materials for fins, tubes and framework which can also include copper nickels and nickel coppers. Laundry Coils are one of the best examples of the heavy use of a coil-based heat exchanger system. They run at pressures commonly of 80-100 PSI, get very, very hot then cool quickly. Because of this their life span is often shorter, especially with the corrosive nature of steam and water, and sudden temperature changes, failure will eventually occur. Ever had a radiator go on a car? It's the same thing, only much bigger. And on a usually on a Roof!

Some larger coils may be too big, or too inaccessible for a straightforward removal and replacement. In these circumstances equipment can be supplied as kits for our team of skilled engineers to assemble on site.

Air conditioning systems will be started up as we move into spring and summer and these present there own problems and safety risks. In colder weather these systems are little used and when they are turned on again after a period of inactivity is the time when a problem can occur. The CFC and Freon Gases in older office air conditioners are quite (read very) dangerous and should only be handled by skilled personnel with the right equipment. Injecting an ultraviolet dye in to the system is one way to help show any leaks, and it will then allow a suitable solution to be decided.

So, next time you drive your car, spare a thought for your radiator, it's your own personal heat exchanger. And use your Air-Con all year round too, not just the summer, as you'll have fewer problems in the long run.


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